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Donate to the Swansea Free Public Library
Please consider making a donation to support the library.  If you are able to make  a  donation, make your check payable to Swansea Public Library.  An established Library Gift Fund helps to grow our savings in case of emergencies.
One of the nicest things about a library is that everyone is welcome! We take donations that help the entire community. 
Here is a list of items we are currently taking:

     Magazines-we accept all gently used magazines for our free magazine swap rack.
     Books-The library receives many requests for donations of print and non-print materials. Donated items that fill a need in the collection are added.  However, due to lack of space we are not able to accept large quanitiles or able to store them.   We ask that you consider donating to one of the many book drop boxes in our local area.  
     We are happy to provide written acknowledgement for all gifts, but we lack the expertise to appraise the value.

     Memorial Donations are possible please contact the Library Director, Cindy St. Amour for more information.

Thank you for your generosity to the Swansea Public Library!