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Wingmasters: North American Birds of Prey

Wingmasters: North American Birds of Prey

(Note: Please NO ON-STREET PARKING! Overflow parking is welcome at Christ Church lot. If it is RAINING, the program will be held in Christ Church Hall, 57 Main Street.)

Join us as we welcome WINGMASTERS for "North American Birds of Prey," with live raptors! Raptors include hawks, falcons and owls, and this presentation, which incorporates 5 live birds of prey, all native to New England, gives an overview of  these different categories. The program is designed to explain predation, the birds' place at the top of the food web, their different hunting adaptations and their status in a rapidly changing world. Because many birds of prey are declining in number,  this presentation also features one or more of the endangered raptors that WINGMASTERS cares for, and explains why these species face an uncertain future. 

WINGMASTERS is a partnership of two people dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of North American birds of prey. Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks are both licensed wildlife rehabilitators based in Massachusetts. Together they care for injured birds of prey at their center in Leverett, Massachusetts. Most of the birds they rehabilitate can ultimately be released back into the wild, but in some cases the birds are left permanently handicapped. Julie and Jim are further licensed to  provide a home for these nonreleasable raptors, and to use them for educational programs. Since 1994 WINGMASTERS has presented over 10,000 programs at schools, libraries and museums throughout New England.

This free program is for all ages.

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Thursday, August 11
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10:30am - 11:30am
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Swansea Free Public Library
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Carol Gafford
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